2006 Tax Levy

posted: 3-23-10

2006 Tax Levy

Following a public hearing at its December 7, 2006 meeting, the Board of Education approved the proposed amount of $174,335,086 (excluding the Bond and Interest Fund levy) as the 2006 tax levy. The Board also adopted a resolution to authorize and direct the Cook County Clerk to refrain from applying a loss and cost factor to certain of the 2006 tax levy, as well as a resolution to authorize and direct the County Clerk to suspend application of the rate increase factor for the 2006 tax levy. The final levy amount must now be filed with the County Clerk before the last Tuesday in December (December 26).

Additional information on the adopted 2006 tax levy is available at:http://www.d211.org/pdf/proposed_06_levy.pdf.

Certificate of Tax Levy 2006


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