2005 Tax Levy

posted: 3-23-10

2005 Tax Levy

Following a public hearing at its December 8, 2005 meeting, the Board of Education approved the amount of $167,808,321 (excluding the Bond & Interest Fund) as the 2005 tax levy for High School District 211.

Additionally, the Board adopted a resolution directing the Cook County Clerk to refrain from applying the applicable loss and cost factor to all amended 2005 levies as filed, other than the Bond & Interest funds, in order to ensure that the next planned phase-in of approximately 15 cents for the 2005 Education Fund levy does not exceed the requested amount due to loss cost factor increases. The Property Tax Code provides for an increase in the limiting rate when voters approve a new maximum tax rate, and the mechanism for implementing this adjustment is the rate increase factor. If the taxing district does not use the full maximum rate approved by voters the first year it is effective, the district is eligible for rate increase factors for the next four years. However, because District 211 agreed to implement the approved increase in two phases, a portion of the accessible rate increase is unused. It also is the practice of the Cook County Clerk to add a three percent loss and cost factor to all school district levies where a five percent factor is applied.

Certificate of Tax Levy 2005


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