Accessible Web Site Navigation

Web Site Navigational Menus

The gray navigational menu at the top of most pages in the District 211 web site is handicapped accessible by using the F12 key on your keyboard along with the arrow keys.

  1. Press the F12 key
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to your menu choice
  3. Use the enter key to select your choice (which will take you to that link)

Please note: Some links may take you to pdf files, which do not have menus, or to pages outside of the District 211 Web Site, which may or may not be handicapped accessible.


Many images througout the District 211 Web Site have Alternate Text Information attached to them for use with screen readers.


Through the browser of your choice (available with most modern browsers) you may change the font size for easier reading. Please note, however, that this may change the design of the page significantly in some cases.

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