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Superintentents Message


A Message from the Superintendent


Welcome to the Annual Report for 2013-2014. The theme for this year’s report is Vision. Township High School District 211 is built upon a foundation of extensive, quality services for students, a deep and comprehensive curriculum, outstanding teachers and strong leadership. The continual renewal of our Instructional Vision helps to ensure that our curriculum, programming and services will result in as many opportunities and advantages for our students as possible.

During the 2013-2014 school year, we refreshed the District 211 Instructional Vision and this year’s annual report depicts each component of the Instructional Vision with examples and accounts to illustrate how this vision takes form and becomes a reality to benefit our students, teachers and staff members.

Our privilege and responsibility as educators is to create the most benefit of each school day we have available to ensure that our students develop the skills, knowledge and experiences they will need to meet the demands of an ever-changing world, whether that might be in college or in a career. To accomplish this for students, our Instructional Vision includes multiple dimensions.

Critical Learning Standards: Our teachers and instructional leaders have articulated the District’s Critical Learning Standards to define the essential skills that students would be expected to learn within each course in order to demonstrate the readiness they will need to be successful after graduation.

Global Competitive Skills: In order to be competitive in today’s demanding employment market, our students will benefit from instructional experiences designed to develop collaboration skills, creative capacities, communication strengths and critical thinking abilities.

Non-Stop Learning: Technology now enables teachers and students with the capability to engage in learning opportunities without limits on the time or space of the traditional school day or school buildings.

Community and Collaboration: Just as learning extends beyond the school building, we recognize that we will most benefit our students and families by extending the supportive reach of school personnel and our services into the communities, organizations and activities that serve our students.

Active Student Citizenship: The world our students will enter when they graduate from our schools will demand that our students demonstrate the skills to fully participate as a citizen in both our governmental democracy and the digital arenas that they will inhabit in the future.

Within this report, you will find examples of students and teachers who demonstrate these key components of our Instructional Vision. In order to ensure that our vision becomes a reality, it requires continual action and dedication on behalf of our leaders, teachers and our entire staff.

Realizing our Instructional Vision also requires financial stability and operational improvements to meet the needs of our students and programs long into the future. Within this report, you will learn about the continued financial strength of the District, about our use of reserve funds to make significant improvements to our facilities across the District and our improved technology infrastructure to reliably serve the needs of every student, teacher and visitor with access to the world’s endless information available via our wireless networks.

As superintendent, I believe that Township High School District 211 is the greatest public school community that one could hope to find. As a result of the vision of those leaders who have laid a foundation of excellence before us, we now continue the care, service and work necessary to fulfill the vision of ensuring that our students are capable of succeeding in whatever venture they may choose to pursue when they graduate.



Daniel E. Cates
Superintendent of Schools




Annual Report 2013-2014 Table of Contents

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