Non-Stop Learning

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Non-Stop Learning


Technology enables learning to be extended far beyond the classroom or the limited time that students spend directly with their teachers.  In order to help more students develop the skills to be successful in the future, District 211’s instructional direction creates non-stop learning opportunities.  Whether students have “free” time inside or outside the school or classroom, the instructional vision and direction calls for the development and to provide for each of the following:

  • Re-envisioning instructional materials to transform learning
  • Using technology for each student and teacher to expand access to unlimited resources
  • Creating learning activities that extend far beyond the classroom and time in school
  • Re-envisioning the way that instructional spaces, such as classrooms and media centers, serve today’s learners
  • Developing our own digital course content
iTunes University
Google in the Classroom

YouTube Channels

Learning Management Systems in the Classroom
ESL, Alternative H.S., & Continuing Education

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