Critical Learning Standards

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Critical Learning Standards


District 211’s curriculum and instructional program is founded upon the District’s own critical learning standards – the skills believed to be essential for future college and career readiness. The Critical Learning Standards (CLSs) have been tightly aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards. In addition, as standards are developed within each professional area – such as the nearly completed national science standards – the skills and concepts will be incorporated into and aligned with District 211’s CLSs.

The Critical Learning Standards represent a priority list of academic standards all students must know and be able to do by graduation.  They have been determined through a systematic approach of reviewing local, state, and national standards and determining what is most vital for academic success.  The CLSs are the cornerstone of a guaranteed, viable curriculum.  The CLSs guarantee what is most essential for students to know and be able to do in every class that occurs district-wide, no matter the teacher or the school.

There are three criteria that can be applied to the CLS: endurance, leverage, and readiness for the next level of learning.  Linking assessment and instruction is critical to effective learning.  What we assess (critical learning standards), how we assess (formative and District benchmark assessments), and how we communicated the results send a clear message to students, parents, and teachers about where  students are in their learning process.

The CLS domain is comprised of several defining components, including the following:

  • Making student development and demonstrated achievement of the CLSs the primary annual District goal
  • Providing students with performance ratings relative to the CLSs
  • Using the CLS data as the central focus of instructional improvement in our professional learning teams
  • Basing our review of the strength and success of our instructional program on student performance toward the CLSs as measured by the District Benchmark Assessments (DBAs)


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