Community and Collaboration

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Community and Collaboration


The challenges of current times cannot be solved in isolation, neither in school nor in students’ homes or communities.  The domain of community and collaboration highlights the necessity that school leaders and teachers must collaborate with other teachers, with parents, and with students.  The District must recognize and respond to the fact that its schools serve as an essential agent and partner in the communities served.  We must build, embrace, and draw upon each of these connections and points for collaboration in order to develop joint problem-solving teams and groups working toward the same goal.  This will be accomplished by:

  • Continuing to develop and utilize the skills of our professional learning teams
  • Actively creating connections with organizations throughout our communities
  • Fostering learning partnerships and mutual, shared assistance among students and with staff members
  • Utilizing support teams within each school to address the changing needs of students in the areas of academics, social-emotional functioning, financial challenges, and behavioral readiness for high school
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