Instructional Vision

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Instructional Vision


Instructional Vision


As the District envisions and charts the course for its instructional programming, the skills required of students who graduate from a District 211 school are beyond rote knowledge of an established set of content-standards. Known as 21st century skills, in order to face the challenges of today’s world, students graduating from this point forward will require the ability to communicate effectively, to collaborate with others and to apply critical thinking skills and creativity to solve real-life projects and real life-dilemmas. Research substantiates that the skills required for college are ever-increasingly more similar to those required for today’s job market. Whereas once the instructional framework may have portrayed or allowed for a wider difference in programming between college readiness skills and vocational readiness skills, the skills required of students who enter the workforce are more closely aligned with the skills required of students going to college. By articulating a vision for the coming years, the District can plan for needed resources – including personnel, staff development, and finances – that will be needed to make this vision a reality.

The vision and purpose of all matters that High School District 211 undertakes are directed toward fulfilling the mission as established by the Board of Education:

The mission of Township High School District 211 is to serve the educational needs of the community by developing and implementing quality programs which challenge students to achieve their potential to become contributing, informed citizens capable of meeting the demands of a changing world.


The Instructional Vision takes a larger perspective that not only incorporates the District’s performance data, but also articulates the actions and implementations that will be necessary to achieve the mission expressed by the Board and adopted throughout the District.  The following domains are each critical components necessary for student success:


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