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Board President's Message


A Message from the Board of Education


Each year, the High School District 211 Board of Education produces an annual report that highlights the outstanding performances and success stories in our district. Along with standard program and resource information, as well as district facts and figures, this year’s report illustrates our vision for the future, from both the instructional and financial points of view.

As Board members, we are pleased to have a role in student growth and achievement by offering our students the opportunity to develop their potentials so each can be successful in whatever they choose following their high school years. We recognize that it takes many subject areas and experiences to produce a well-rounded graduate, with the goal being to make sure each District 211 student is college and career ready.

We are very proud of our students, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of our teachers, staff, and administrators, and we recognize that student success is directly linked to the support of our parents, citizens, and taxpayers. As we face the challenges ahead, collaborative efforts and contributions will be essential to maintain District 211’s high standard of excellence and are what drives the success of our students.

On behalf of the Board of Education, I encourage your continued support and welcome your suggestions as we work together. It is because of everyone’s efforts that District 211 schools continue to be among the best in the country.


Bill Robertson
Board of Education President



Board of Education

Board of Education (seated left to right): Mucia Burke, Vice President; Bill Robertson, President; Anna Klimkowicz, Secretary; (standing left to right): Robert LeFevre, Jr.; Mike Scharringhausen; Richard Gerber; George Brandt


Bill Robertson, President
Mucia Burke, Vice President
Anna Klimkowicz, Secretary
George Brandt
Richard Gerber
Robert LeFevre, Jr.
Mike Scharringhausen


 Annual Report 2013-2014 Table of Contents

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