The links below provide specific information as well as additional resources for High School District 211 students and parents.  (The following files are PDF files which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most computers have this reader, but if yours does not, you can download it here for free.)


Academic Integrity          (en Español)
An explanation of acceptable and unacceptable conduct for students.

Alternative High School           (en Español)
A guide for students, parents, and counselors.

College Guides
It is never too early to begin planning for college. College information for freshmen and sophomores.

College Planning Guide  pdf
A joint-effort between High School District 211 and Harper College, this College Planning Guide is helpful for students and their parents.

Cooperative Education Programs         (en Español)
A cooperative venture between school and community which provides students with meaningful education

Curriculum Guide  (pdf)          (en Español)
Designed to help students plan their programs of study from the wide variety of courses offered in High School District 211.

Discrimination          (en Español)
This brochure has been prepared to increase awareness and understanding of discrimination.

Drugs and Alcohol: Parent’s Guide         (en Español)
Help for parents as they ask questions about drugs, alcohol, and youth.

Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement

Extra-Curricular Experiences          (en Español)
An introduction to the many activities and athletics offered for students in High School District 211.

Food & Nutrition Services
Food for thought about High School District 211’s food service program.

Forms for Participation in Athletics and Activities

Gold Card
Golden Years Club information for the Adult Continuing Education program.

These brochures have been prepared to define, as well as increase awareness and understanding of hazing.
Conant   Fremd     Hoffman Estates     Palatine     Schaumburg
North Campus   Higgins Education Center

Incoming Freshman Academy          (en Español)
Information about a program designed to prepare students for academic success in high school by providing supplemental instruction during the summer to strengthen their skills in reading and mathematics.

Internet Safety          (en Español)
A resource for parents, students, and community members about Internet safety.

Parent/Student Handbook for Athletics & Competitive Groups
Important information for student-athletes and their parents regarding athletic programs in High School District 211.

Parties and Other Teenage Gatherings          (en Español)
A guide for parents.

Police Consultants 
High School District 211 police consultants are on duty to serve the school and community.

Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

Positive Parenting          (en Español)
Thoughts and tips for parents.

School Calendar/Handbooks
School calendars and handbook information for students and parents.

Sexual Harassment          (en Español)
Although many people have opinions on this issue, few have a clear understanding of exactly what behavior constitutes sexual harassment. This brochure was prepared to increase awareness among students, parents, and staff.

Social Media Guidelines for Students

Sophomore Academy
A program designed to provide additional instruction in both mathematics and reading to help accelerate student learning.

Steriod Use          (en Español)
Ever wonder how those bulky bodybuilders got so big?  This brochure tells about the dangers of steriod use.

Suburban Gangs          (en Español)
What you should know about gangs and the District 211 policies and programs which address this issue.

Transportation      (en Español)
Information on student transportation services in High School District 211.


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