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Co-Chairs (from left): Jose Skrobot, Peter Carlson & Linda Reedy
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Community Engagement
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9-17-2015 BoE Mtg
11-12-2015 BoE Mtg
12-10-2015 BoE Mtg
1-21-2016 BoE Mtg
2-11-2016 BoE Mtg
3-17-2016 BoE Mtg
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D211 Current 5-Year Plans
Instructional Vision: 2-12-2015: presentation
Facilities Plan: 3-19-2015; presentation
Financial Projection: 4-9-2015; presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions


[lts_accordions][lts_accordion title=’What is the Community Engagement initiative and why did District 211 start this process?‘]

The primary goal of a Community Engagement initiative is to gather comprehensive information from local constituents (parents, students, business owners, residents, and staff members) to inform the Board of Education and school district leadership about the many voices of people in all roles within the communities the District serves. This information and input will be used by the Board of Education and District administration to prepare a Strategic Plan document declaring and clarifying the District’s direction, priorities, and outcomes for the coming five years.

A part of the process is to conduct community-wide engagement sessions. Open to anyone in the community, these large public meetings will be held numerous times during the community engagement initiative and would enable input surrounding the assets, liabilities, and challenges facing District 211.[/lts_accordion][lts_accordion title=’When and where are the Community Engagement sessions held?‘]

The Community Engagement sessions will be held in District 211 buildings. There will be two meetings each month, both on the same topic, but on different days and in different locations to make it convenient for people to attend.

The first two meetings will be from 7 to 9 p.m. on February 1 at Fremd High School, and February 2 at Schaumburg High School. Additional information, including a schedule of upcoming meetings, is available online at[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’Who should attend the Community Engagement sessions?‘]Anyone within the District 211 boundaries  who is interested in learning about District 211 and providing input in a workshop about the district’s future direction. Current and former District 211 students are also welcome, as are junior high school students who will attend a District 211 high school.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’What is the format of the Community Engagement sessions? ‘]

These meetings will provide an opportunity for a two-way exchange of information and feature a presentation and work sessions focused on results and collective suggestions as a group. The community-wide engagement sessions will be conducted in an efficient manner and facilitated by trained committee members. Information obtained at each session will be documented, and used to create an executive summary to be presented to the Board of Education at the conclusion of the Community Engagement process.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’Why is it important for me to attend one of these sessions?‘]

District 211 serves your community, and its graduates will become part of it. It is important to express your opinions about how the district can prepare the students to be adults in the community as well as in the workforce.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’How does this initiative impact my child?‘]

The feedback collected during the Community Engagement sessions will help inform the Board of Education when they create the District’s plans for the next five years. Whether your child currently attends a District 211 high school or will attend one in the future, they will benefit from these plans.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’I see that each Community Engagement session has a topic. What if I want to provide feedback about another topic or concern?‘]

The sessions are structured to provide ample time for discussion and sharing of ideas about a specific topic. Residents are welcome to attend Board meetings if they have other issues they would like to discuss.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’Will the results of the Community Engagement sessions be published?‘]

No. Information obtained at each session will be documented, and used to create an executive summary to be presented to the Board of Education at the conclusion of the Community Engagement process.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’Where can I find the most recent District 211 five-year plans? ‘]The most recent five-year plans are posted on the District 211 website, as part of the Community Engagement pages – please see the gray column to the left on this page. The plans are presented by category: Instruction, Finance and Facilities.[/lts_accordion]

[lts_accordion title=’When will District 211’s new five-year plan be completed?‘]The School Board will begin their planning with the presentation of the results from the Community Engagement process in late May. Look for an announcement about the plan on the District 211 website. [/lts_accordion][/lts_accordions]

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