Our purpose in Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning in both the cognitive and physical domains. By motivation and encouragement, students will be introduced to a life of self-improvement and wellness. We strive to build positive self-esteem by teaching communication, cooperation and decision-making skills. These valuable life lessons will prepare students physically and mentally. Our philosophy is to encourage students to be active and fit in the moment and more importantly, to teach concepts, strategies and skills that allow students to be active for a lifetime.

Freshman Level: Required units for freshmen are fitness, group dynamics, and swimming. Other units of instruction may include: nutrition, basketball, badminton, volleyball, gymnastics, dance, weight training, wrestling, soccer, pickle ball, flag football, track and field, and softball. Sophomore Level:

Sophomore level is a fitness based curriculum to introduce, apply and practice fitness based concepts. The required units are fitness, group dynamics, and swimming. Other units may include: cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and various wellness concepts.

Junior/Senior Level: This level continues focus on fitness concepts with an emphasis on overall wellness. Students will develop, apply and practice concepts to improve fitness levels. Students have a choice of the following year long courses that will enhance individual wellness: Strength and Conditioning, Adventure Education, Yoga, Stay Fit for Life, Dance, Advanced Basketball, Advanced Soccer, and Aquatics.



Physical Education Course Codes


See Critical Learning Standards for all Physical Education Courses


P111 Integrated P.E.

P112 Adapted P.E. Year Long

P113 P.E. 1 Male

P114 P.E. 1 Coed

P115 P.E. 1 Female

P213 P.E. 2 Male

P214 P.E. 2 Coed

P215 P.E. 2 Female

P223 Weight Training Male

P224 Weight Training Coed

P225 Weight Training Female

P413 Advanced Soccer Male

P414 Advanced Soccer Coed

P415 Advanced Soccer Female

P355 Dance 1

P356 Dance 2

P456 Dance 3

P218 Soph Leaders

P318 Leadership (Training)

P418 Leadership (Practicum)

P251 Life Guard Training

P351 Life Guard Training

P323 Advanced Aquatic Training Male

P324 Advanced Aquatic Training Coed

P325 Advanced Aquatic Training Female

P333 Strength & Conditioning Male

P334 Strength & Conditioning Coed

P335 Strength & Conditioning Female

P345 Stay Fit For Life

P348 Intro to Cardio Fitness

P433 Advanced Strength &

Conditioning Male

P434 Advanced Strength &

Conditioning Coed

P435 Advanced Strength &

Conditioning Female

P443 Specialty Weights 1

P444 Specialty Weights 2 (Coed)

P445 Specialty Weights 3

P354 Advanced Basketball

P361 Adventure Education

P362 Advanced Adventure


P349 American Adventure

P313 Jr./Sr. Traditional Boys

P314 Jr./Sr. Traditional Coed

P315 Jr./Sr. Traditional Girls

P327 Yoga Coed

P427 Advanced Yoga Coed

P423 Jr./Sr. Extreme Fitness Male

P373 Raquet & Net Games

P374 Raquet & Net Games

P375 Racquet & Net Games

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