L5 Unit 4


L5 Ventures 4 Unit 4

Unit 4 Health

Hook Dr. Phil gives advice

Worksheets or articles
Accidents and Emergencies:

Health Phrasal Verbs

How to Read a Prescription Drug Label:

Health Benefits Article and Activities:

How to be Happy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EQ7I6zAGeQ

Stress and Relief in the Military http://www.military.com/education/keys-to-success/tips-for-stress-management.html

Create Model Paragraph Using this Article: http://www.english-online.at/health_medicine/chocolate/history-and-production-of-chocolate-and-cocoa.htm

Bar Graph Lesson and Worksheets (page 4 has information for students to create their own bar graph and page 5 & 6 are practice worksheets) http://escurriculum.spps.org/sites/0986df53-fb39-4fa2-816b-03b698926774/uploads/matha_bargraphj2.pdf

Websites or Youtube
Healthy Living Stress Video http://youtu.be/y5juit81FQ8

10 Ask Amy P….streshttp://youtu.be/fbUtfyzuwjc

11 How to Deal with Stress http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/GettingHealthy/StressManagement/FourWaystoDealWithStress/Four-Ways-to-Deal-with-Stress_UCM_307996_Article.jsp
12 Giving Advice: http://www.englishvideolesson.com/2450-26-giving-advice-study-english-series-3-ielts-preparation.html

13 Videos Concerning Health: http://www.englishvideolesson.com/categories/Health

14 Listening Activity: How to make a doctor’s appointment. (Can be done online or printed out for class activity)- http://www.esllab.com/office/offrd1.htm

Games or activities

16Doctor and Patient Dialogue:

17 Interpretive Assessment:

18 Presentational Assessment:

19 Interpersonal Assessment:

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