L5 Unit 3



L5 Ventures 4 Unit 3

Unit 3 Friends and Family

Hook http://youtu.be/sEcZTmJMr2Q How to ask your parents for a dog

Worksheets or articles
Conversation topics and interviews activity for students

Cultures and Customs activity and discussion questions: http://www.ysu.ru/users/itc/sitim//e-books/metod/pgn/Unit%2010.pdf
Family relationship survey & verb tense

Class speaking and listening activity:

Speaking Exercise- Cultural Differences: http://www.eslflow.com/Travel___culture.pdf
How have you changed since living in the US? (Venn Diagram practice will be useful for completing Presentational Assessment)

Websites or Youtube
Conversation Questions: http://iteslj.org/questions/family.html
Family Relationship using a family tree: http://www.langenscheidt-unterrichtsportal.de/_downloads/lehrwerke/302/elt-p04_08_familiy_words.pdf
Direct vs Indirect Explanation and lab quiz

Games or activities

10 Family Relations Crossword

11 Online activity: Losing One’s Cultural Identitiy http://legacy.lclark.edu/~krauss/toppicks/identitycloze.htm
12 Conversation Questions – family http://iteslj.org/questions/family.html
13 Family Tree http://www.eastsideliteracy.org/tutorsupport/documents/HO_Family.pdf

14 Interpretive Assessment (Audio Podcast Link is in the Attached document):

15 Interpersonal Assessment (Speaking and Writing):

16 Presentational Assessment (Reading and Writing):

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