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Dr. Daniel E. Cates, Superintedent

Daniel E. Cates, Superintendent

What was once a childhood question of “What do I want to do when I grow up?” eventually transforms into “What am I going to do when I graduate?” for our high school students. In a short span of four years, teenagers and young adults make important decisions about their post-high school paths. Within our high schools of Township High School District 211, we strive to offer students many opportunities to discover their passions and skills so the decisions they make about life after high school can have a basis from their own personal experiences. Choosing a college major and career can be daunting at any age, but if high school courses, extracurricular opportunities and internships are used as a place for exploration, students can more easily identify the areas that inspire them and those that do not.

The District 211 Curriculum Guide and the College Major and Career Cluster website ( gives students and parents a complete description of the coursework we offer in District 211. All District 211 students have an account connected to their District 211 student email in Career Cruising ( and they can take a detailed interest survey multiple times throughout their high school career. The Career Cruising survey suggests fields of study or careers students might consider exploring. The various fields of study are grouped by career clusters and the many District 211 courses aligned to each cluster can be found Students can explore courses offered in District 211 according to a designated college major and career cluster or they can search by department in the Curriculum Guide.

High school is the time for students to investigate possible college majors and careers in order to help them determine what field of study or career they would like to pursue when they graduate. Students’ counselors can assist them with their selection of courses that match the college major and careers they may want to explore in high school.

I encourage parents and students to review this helpful information together and to discover the countless opportunities and supports our District has to offer via our many course offerings and through our career pathways. We are pleased and proud to provide such a comprehensive array of enriching opportunities that help connect students to our school community and the careers they will pursue upon graduation.


Daniel E. Cates


Seeing all possibilities, seeing all that can be done, and how it can be done, marks the power of imagination. Your imagination stands as your own personal laboratory. Here you can rehearse the possibilities, map out plans, and visualize overcoming obstacles. Imagination turns possibilities into reality.

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This Curriculum Guide is designed to help students plan their programs of study from the variety of courses offered in Township High School District 211. Students should plan their high school programs with the help of their parents, counselors, and teachers. In this guide, each course is described by level of instruction, length of course, specific prerequisite, and credit value. Courses offered off-campus are so noted. In addition to the course descriptions, this guide provides information about graduation requirements, grading, student services, summer school, and other areas of interest. This Curriculum Guide is intended to assist students and parents in making educational decisions about high school programs. Course offerings are subject to enrollment and slight variations may occur from school to school. A student’s counselor is always the best source for the most up-to-date information regarding course selection.

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