Daniel E. Cates Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Daniel Cates, Superintendent

Daniel E. Cates, Superintendent of Schools

Dan Cates was named the seventh superintendent of schools in District 211 in October 2013, effective July 1, 2014. Prior to being named superintendent, he was the District’s associate superintendent for administrative services, a position he held since 2011. Dan joined District 211 in 1992 as a psychologist at William Fremd High School. In 1998, he moved to the administration center as assistant to the director of special education, and was promoted to director of special education in 2001. Dr. Cates graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1987. He received his doctorate from Indiana University in 1994. In 2008, he was honored with a Those Who Excel Award for his position as director of special education in District 211.

Email: Daniel E. Cates 

Phone: 847-755-6610




Lisa A. Small Associate Superintendent for Instruction

Lisa A. Small

Lisa A. Small
Lisa A. Small, Associate Superintendent for Instruction

Associate Superintendent for Instruction Lisa Small directs District programs that provide student instruction and curriculum services, as well as long-range planning for education programs. Dr. Small also oversees District student activities and athletics, as well as student college and career readiness. She is responsible for staff professional development planning, district and school improvement planning, and the English as a Second Language program. Dr. Small was previously Principal at William Fremd High School. She received her doctorate of education in Curriculum and Instruction at Loyola University-Chicago in 2005. She earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision from National-Louis University in 2000, her master’s of education in Curriculum and Instruction – Secondary Education from Northern Illinois University in 1997, and her bachelor’s of Science-Biology Education from The Ohio State University in 1991.

Email:  Lisa Small

Phone: 847-755-6616

Mark J. Kovack Associate Superintendent for Student Services

Mark J. Kovack

Mark J.Kovack
Mark J. Kovack, Associate Superintendent for Student Services

Associate Superintendent for Student Services Mark Kovack supports the efforts of the building administrators for student services and facilitates enrollment and evaluation of students through the work of the guidance department. Mr. Kovack also oversees health services, student assistance program, homebound instructional program, and the District’s “Response to Intervention” program. He is responsible for data analysis and program development, as well as Title I.  Mr. Kovack is responsible for overseeing the District’s technology efforts, both educational and tech services departments. Mr. Kovack returned to District 211 in 2014 following a five year stay at Community High School District 155 in Crystal Lake, Ill., where he most recently served as assistant superintendent of educational services.  Mr. Kovack’s career in education began in 1994 at Schaumburg High School as a special education teacher.  From 2000-2001 he served as the school’s dean of students.  In 2003, he transitioned to William Fremd High school to assume the role of technology coordinator.  In 2004, he was appointed to be Fremd High School’s student services director, a role he held for five years.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement administration from Western Illinois University, a master’s degree in special education from Northern Illinois University, and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Roosevelt University.

Email:  Mark Kovack

Phone: 847-755-6614

Lauren C. Hummel Chief Operating Officer


Lauren C. Hummel
Lauren C. Hummel, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Lauren Hummel coordinates the District’s purchasing, transportation, food service, custodial/maintenance, and accounting departments, as well as oversees financial planning and insurance programs. She also monitors state legislation and serves as the District’s FOIA officer. Mrs. Hummel graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Illinois State University in 2003, and her master’s degree in dietetics from Illinois State University in 2005.  Mrs. Hummel also received her chief school business official endorsement from Northern Illinois University in 2013. Prior to her arrival to District 211, Mrs. Hummel began her career as a clinical dietitian in Peoria, Ill.  She began her career in District 211 as the Assistant Food Service Director in 2006.  In 2008, she was promoted to director of food services.  Mrs. Hummel was promoted to chief operating officer in 2014.

Email: Lauren Hummel

Phone: 847-755-6612      FOIA Information and Request Form

James A. Britton Director of Human Resources

James A. Britton

James Britton
James A. Britton, Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources James Britton conducts research pertaining to personnel including salary research, studies of staff characteristics, professional standards, and other pertinent topics, and interprets personnel policies and regulations and recommends formulation and revision of such policies and regulations. He also administers the establishment and maintenance of appropriate personnel records for all employees as well as interviews all final certified candidates for employment. Additionally, Mr. Britton maintains close contact with schools in planning and anticipating personnel needs of the school program.

Mr. Britton earned his bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994.  He has earned two master’s degrees, one in clinical social work from the University of Chicago in 1999, and another in educational leadership and general administration from Chicago State University in 2004.  Mr. Britton is currently working to complete his doctorate through Illinois State University.

Before being named director of human resources in 2016, Mr. Britton served as principal at Hoffman Estates High School from 2010-2016.  Prior to that, he had been a 12-month assistant principal at Hoffman Estates High School, served as director of special education, and was program administrator at District 211 Academy-North.  Prior to coming to District 211, he served as a dean and a social worker at Community High School District 218’s Summit Learning Center from 2003-2005.  Mr. Britton’s work experiences also include serving as a mental health professional at CHASI Rice Children’s Home and as a research and grant consultant for the Chicago Public Schools.  Mr. Britton also previously taught English at Villa Grove High School in Villa Grove, Ill.  

Email: James Britton 

Phone: 847-755-6618 

Gary R. Gorson Chief Technology Officer


Gary Gorson
Gary R. Gorson, Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer Gary Gorson directs the District’s technology staff to support and improve student achievement by integrating technology throughout the District.  He creates and facilitates a vision of integrating technology to support educational needs enabling improved student achievement, provides and ensures accessible data throughout the organization, and directs and enhances the effectiveness of the District’s skilled technology staff and daily operations.  Mr. Gorson also leads development of the technology strategy for the District along with the continuous delivery of reliable technology services and the integration of educational technology within the instructional program.  He supports school-level technology leaders working to infuse technology into the learning process.

Mr. Gorson holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in computer science, both from DePaul University.  He has conducted additional studies in the Ph.D. program at Illinois Institute of Technology in Artificial Intelligence and at the MIT Sloan Business School Executive Program on Managing Technical Professionals. Prior to working in District 211, he gained technology leadership experience in both the private and public sectors as chief information officer in the hospitality industry and chief technology officer for Lake County Illinois.  Since 1999, he has been a member of the Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125 Board of Education, as well as chair of the Finance and Executive Technology Committees.

Email: Gary R. Gorson 

Phone: 847-755-6705

Matthew J. Hildebrand Director of Administrative Services

Matthew J. Hildebrand

Matthew J. Hildebrand
Matthew J. Hildebrand, Director of Administrative Services

Director of Administrative Services Matt Hildebrand monitors adherence to legal guidelines in matters of school discipline, attendance, expulsions, and residency requests, as well as serving as the District’s homeless liaison.  He is responsible for coordinating school safety planning and emergency preparedness.  He also coordinates students placed in alternative school settings.  Before coming to the administration center in 2014, his career began as an art teacher at Schaumburg High School in 2001.  He was promoted to 10-month assistant principal at Schaumburg High School in 2006, and was named the 12-month lead disciplinarian assistant principal in 2008.  From there, Matt became the 12-month assistant principal for buildings and grounds, staff development, and school improvement in July 2010.  Matt holds a master’s degree in Education from Olivet Nazarenet University (Bourbonnais, Ill.), a type 75 educational leadership certification from Illinois State University, and a bachelor’s degree in studio art, with a minor in art history from Clarke University (Dubuque, Iowa).

Email:  Matthew Hildebrand

Phone:  847-755-6626

Kathe E. Lingl Assistant to the Superintendent/Assistant for Human Resources


Kathe E. Lingl

Kathe E. Lingl, Assistant to the Superintendent/Assistant for Human Resources

Assistant to the Superintendent/Assistant for Human Resources Kathe Lingl performs periodic and systematic review of district policies and procedures and makes recommendations for changes to the Superintendent. She also coordinates the selection, evaluation, and dismissal of clerical, secretarial, and custodial/maintenance employees and participates in salary administration for these employees. Additionally, Mrs. Lingl coordinates regularly scheduled meetings with support service groups in each school.

Mrs. Lingl received her bachelor’s degree in personnel administration from Western Illinois University in 1983 and her her master’s degree in human resources from DePaul University in 1994. She began her District 211 career in the payroll department in 1983, was promoted to personnel assistant in 1985, and was promoted again to assistant to the superintendent in 1998. She is a 1979 graduate of Schaumburg High School.

Email: Kathe Lingl 

Phone: 847-755-6620

Thomas D. Petersen Director of Community Relations


Thomas D. Petersen
Thomas D. Petersen, Director of Community Relations

Director of Community Relations Tom Petersen serves as a liaison between the community and the school district.  He is responsible for handling media requests and serves as the district spokesperson. He coordinates production of District and school publications, maintains the District website, oversees operation of the District mailroom, and coordinates the District 211 Foundation administrative efforts. Mr. Petersen also coordinates the District 211 Combined Charities Campaign.  Mr. Petersen graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism/advertising in 1983. He also completed 25 hours toward a master’s degree in communications from Iowa State University. He was an athletic department media relations specialist for eight years at three NCAA Division I institutions, including the University of Colorado (1987-1992), Kansas State University (1986-1987), and Iowa State University (1985-1986). He began his District 211 career in the publications office in 1993, and was named community relations coordinator in 1995. Mr. Petersen is active in the Palatine Chamber of Commerce, serving as a board of directors liaison. He is a 1979 graduate of Palatine High School.

Email: Thomas Petersen 

Phone: 847-755-6631




Dianne S. Cieslak Accounting Supervisor


Dianne S. Cieslak
Dianne S. Cieslak, Accounting Supervisor

Accounting Supervisor Dianne Cieslak supervises the daily activities of the accounting department, including payroll, accounts payable, district cashier, and student activities. She also manages the District’s daily cash flow through the receipt and investment of real estate taxes and governmental aid receipts, banking wires, and ACH transactions. In addition, Mrs. Cieslak reconciles monthly cash receipts, disbursements, and the general ledger as well as overseeing preparation of TRS reports, payroll taxes, W-2’s, 1099’s, and all year end audit reports. Mrs. Cieslak graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Northern Illinois University in 1973 and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1982.  Before joining District 211 in 1996 as accounting supervisor, she worked as an accounting consultant and auditor, both full-time and as an independent contractor.

Email: Dianne Cieslak

Phone: 847-755-6660

Renée J. Erickson Director of Special Education


Renee J. Erickson
Renée J. Erickson, Director of Special Education

Director of Special Education Renée Erickson coordinates the placement of students with a disability in appropriate educational facilities, develops criteria for special education placement decisions, and oversees placement policies and procedures for the district. She provides leadership in developing and evaluating programs and services for the education of students with a disability, as well as communicates information regarding special education programs and services to District faculty and staff. Ms. Erickson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in special education from Illinois State University in 2002. She received her master’s degree in teaching and leadership from Saint Xavier University in 2007.  Ms. Erickson is currently pursuing her doctorate in teaching and learning, through Illinois State University.  Ms. Erickson began her District 211 career as the assistant director of special education in 2009 and was named as the director of special education in 2014.  Prior to working in District 211, Ms. Erickson served as the assistant director of special education for Consolidated School District 158, and as a special education teacher in Consolidated School District 158 and Cary Community Consolidated School District 26.

Email: Renée Erickson

Phone: 847-755-6835

James Fleischman, Director of Transportation

James Fleischman

James Fleischman James Fleischman, Director of Transportation

Director of Transportation James Fleischman oversees one of Illinois’ largest school-owned bus fleets, with approximately 160 District 211 buses and vans transporting nearly 9,000 students more than 7,700 miles each school day.  Mr. Fleischman was promoted to his director position in 2015, after serving as assistant to the director of transportation since 2010.  He began his High School District 211 career as a school bus driver in 1997, and he was named transportation supervisor in 2003.  Mr. Fleischman also is certified through the State of Illinois as a driver trainer and certified safety officer.  Prior to coming to District 211, Mr. Fleischman served as a manager for 17 years at Lee Wards, Inc.

Email: James Fleischman 

Phone: 847-755-6798

Danielle L. Hauser Director of Instructional Improvement


Danielle L. Hauser
Danielle L. Hauser, Director of Instructional Improvement

As Director of Instructional Improvement, Dr. Danielle Hauser coordinates implementation of the dual credit program, the development and implementation of professional learning opportunities including the new educator program, the implementation of district and State assessments, analysis of local and state student performance data, and secures external funding for developing new programs and sustaining existing programs through federal, state, and private grants.  She also directs the implementation of and district participation in the Illinois Standards and Assessment Program and Federal NCLB/ESSA program.  In addition, Dr. Hauser supports the efforts of building administrators for staff development and school improvement planning.  Dr. Hauser earned her doctorate in education in teaching and learning from Illinois State University.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from Ball State University (Muncie, Ind.), a master’s degree in teacher leadership from Roosevelt University, and a second master’s degree in leadership and organizational change from Roosevelt University.  Dr. Hauser was appointed director of instructional improvement in July, 2009.  She came to the Administration Center from James B. Conant High School, where she had been a 12-month assistant principal since July, 2008.  Dr. Hauser also served as a 10-month assistant principal and dean of students at the school from 2005-2008.  Prior to her administrative experience, Dr. Hauser was a mathematics teacher at Conant High School since the fall of 1999.  Her teaching career began in 1997 at Clay Junior High School in Carmel, Ind., where she taught mathematics.

Email: Danielle Hauser 

Phone: 847-755-6628

Nicholas A. Jahnke Facilities Engineer

Nicholas A. Jahnke

Nicholas A. Jahnke
Nicholas A. Jahnke, Facilities Engineer

Facilities Engineer Nicholas Jahnke’s responsibilities focus on District 211’s efficient use of electricity, natural gas, and water, with the main goal to conserve use of utilities without compromising the educational environment for students and staff.  All phases of building operations are under continuous study and evaluation with a purpose of taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities as they arise.  Mr. Jahnke works closely with building administration, staff, and maintenance departments to maximize efficiency.  Continuous monitoring of facilities contributes to the overall savings for energy expenses District 211 experiences.  Mr. Jahnke began in District 211 in November 2014.  Prior to this, he was a manager for a technological company which focused on installing and servicing building automation and mechanical equipment.  Mr. Jahnke graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering in 2006, and a master’s degree in business administration from DeVry University in 2009.

Email: Nicholas Jahnke

Phone: 847-755-6732

Christopher J. Kontney Director of Facilities & Business Services


Christopher J. Kontney
Christopher J. Kontney, Director of Facilities & Business Services

Director of Facilities & Business Services Chris Kontney administers the insurance programs of the district including health, dental, life, annuities, workers’ compensation, liability, fire and property, and promotes risk management and tort liability prevention. He serves as the District’s authorized agent for the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) and Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS). In addition, he serves as the District’s pre-retirement counselor, oversees capital improvements and the custodial maintenance staff. His responsibilities also include overseeing day-to-day operations of each of the district’s facilities. Mr. Kontney graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stout with a bachelor’s degree in applied technology in 1986. He received a master’s degree in school administration from Roosevelt University in 1994 and his Chief School Business Official Certification in 2001 from NIU. Mr. Kontney began his education career as an applied technology teacher at Prospect High School in 1986 and moved to Schaumburg High School in 1987. He became an assistant principal at Schaumburg High School in 1994, and was promoted to director of business services at the Administration Center in 2000.  He is a 1981 graduate of Conant High School.

Email:  Christopher Kontney

Phone: 847-755-6648

Mary Pat Krones Assistant Director of Special Education


Mary Pat Krones
Mary Pat Krones, Assistant Director of Special Education

Mary Pat Krones was named assistant director of special education in August 2009.  Dr. Krones earned her doctorate of education in teaching and learning from Illinois State University in 2016.  She earned a master’s degree in psychology, a specialist in school psychology degree, from Eastern Illinois University, and a second master’s degree in Educational Administration from Northeastern Illinois University.  Dr. Krones received her bachelor’s degree in special education from Eastern Illinois University. Prior to coming to High School District 211, she was a program supervisor for the North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED) in Highland Park, a position she held since July, 2001. Previously, Dr. Krones served as a school psychologist and intervention specialist for NSSED, and prior to that, she was a school psychologist for Waukegan School District 60 for four years.

Email: Mary Pat Krones

Phone: 847-755-6639

Stacy L. Lenihan Director of Food Services


Stacy L. Lenihan,  Director of Food Services

Director of Food Services Stacy Lenihan aids in the establishment of safe and healthful procedures for the District’s food service department. She is responsible for upholding nutrition standards for meals provided to students. She also is responsible for adherence to National School Meal Program regulations, as well as assisting with training, purchasing, record keeping, and selection and evaluation of food service personnel. She also is responsible for adherence to National School Meal Program regulations, as well as assisting with training, purchasing, record keeping, and selection and evaluation of food service personnel. Ms. Lenihan began her District 211 career in January 2014. She received her bachelor’s degree from Bradley University (Peoria, Ill.) in food, nutrition, and dietetics and received a master’s degree from Benedictine University (Lisle, Ill.) in nutrition and wellness. She is a registered dietitian and has the Illinois Sanitation License.

Email:  Stacy Lenihan

Phone: 847-755-6680

Barbara J. Peterson Controller & Treasurer


Barbara J. Peterson,
Controller & Treasurer

Controller and Treasurer Barbara Peterson joined the District 211 accounting team in February 2009. She is responsible for all accounting, financial reporting, projections, budgeting, and purchasing for the District. She also oversees the accounting, accounts payable, and payroll departments. As treasurer, she is responsible for overseeing the District’s Investment Policy, banking relationships, and internal controls over revenue and disbursement streams. Prior to serving in District 211, Mrs. Peterson spent four years in public accounting and has eight years of private industry experience. She earned her bachelor’s of science degree in accountancy from the University of Illinois and became a Certified Public Accountant in May 1987.

Email: Barbara Peterson

Phone: 847-755-6669

Kara B. Prusko Assistant Director of Special Education


Kara B. Prusko, Assistant Director of Special Education

Assistant Director of Special Education Kara Prusko received her bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Illinois State University, and she has master’s degrees in both Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University and Educational Administration from Northern Illinois University. Mrs. Prusko was named Assistant Director of Special Education in July 2014. Mrs. Prusko came to Township High School District 211 from Schaumburg School District 54, where she was principal of Eisenhower Junior High School since 2011. Previously, Mrs. Prusko served as both a special education teacher and general education teacher for 13 years in Schaumburg School District 54.

Email:  Kara Prusko

Phone: 847-755-6637

Anita M. Seaholm Human Resources Assistant


Anita M. Seaholm
Anita M. Seaholm, Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant Anita Seaholm coordinates major personnel reports, surveys and information; assists in the preparation and administration of salary development and information, and coordinates unemployment claims and hearings.  She also assists staff with leaves of absence, and recommends policies and procedures in compliance with federal laws and regulations.  Additionally, Mrs. Seaholm assists staff and administration with various personnel practices including hiring, terminations, disciplinary actions and payroll-related issues. Mrs. Seaholm graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University, majoring in Human Resource management.  She was employed in corporate HR for over eight years prior to beginning her District 211 career as personnel assistant in 2004.

Email: Anita Seaholm 

Phone: 847-755-6718

Jerry Treviño Director of Summer School & Community Outreach


Jerry Treviño

Jerry Treviño, Director of Summer School & Community Outreach

Director of Summer School & Community Outreach Jerry Treviño oversees Summer School, Evening Programs, Continuing Education, and Title 1. Mr. Treviño provides community outreach services that help improve quality of life to individuals and groups in the community at large, as well as access to community resources. He started his District 211 career at Conant High School in 1994 as an assistant principal. He has served as Conant High School’s activities administrator and building and grounds administrator. Previously, he was assistant principal at Marshall Middle School in Texas, as well as a bilingual bicultural elementary school teacher at Stevenson Elementary School and Peck Elementary School in Texas. Mr. Treviño has his master’s degree in Administration and Leadership from the University of Houston and a bachelor’s degree in bilingual bicultural education from Western Illinois University. He was the recipient of a 2004-2005 Those Who Excel excellence award from the Illinois State Board of Education.

Email:  Jerry Treviño

Phone:  847-755-6725

Eric P. Wenckowski Director of Athletics & Activities


Eric Wenckowski
Eric P. Wenckowski, Director of Athletics & Activities

Director of Athletics & Activities Eric Wenckowski coordinates the work of the athletic activity directors and monitors budgets for athletics, activities, physical education, driver education, and health. He also serves as the District’s Title IX coordinator and assures compliance.

Mr. Wenckowski received his bachelor’s degree in human resource management from Northern Illinois University. He earned his master’s degree in education from Roosevelt University, and also completed his type 75 administrative certificate from Roosevelt University. Mr. Wenckowski began his District 211 career in 2002 as a business education teacher at Fremd High School. He served as the school’s dean of students in 2005-2006, before being promoted to 10-month assistant principal in 2006. He was named 12-month assistant principal in 2009, serving two years in that capacity, and was named the District’s director of human resources in 2011. In 2016, Mr. Wenckowski was named Director of Athletics & Activities. Mr. Wenckowski began his teaching career at East and West Lyden High Schools in 1995, and also taught at Oak Park River Forest High School. 

Email: Eric Wenckowski 

Phone: 847-755-6770 



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